Who We Are

Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios (D+WEP) is a Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) located in Evansville, IN.

What We Do

Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios (D+WEP) specializes in tactically allocated, trend-following investment programs. Our portfolios focus on risk control while striving for absolute and relative price performance. D+WEP concentrates on professional money management, research, and trading. We actively manage portfolios and trade accounts for our clients in Evansville, IN as well as around the country. By balancing risk management with growth, we believe we can show why our strategies are appropriate for most investors. Using our quantitative research, we have established proprietary trading systems which result in low draw-down and consistently positive returns.

How We Do It

With a vision started by the devastating financial losses incurred during the last three major downturns in the market, we initiated plans to create a company with the main focus of mitigating risk and protecting our clients’ capital during market downturns. With the help of technological advancements, and after years of research, D+WEP has successfully developed a systematic method of investing our clients’ capital that produces exceptional results while limiting drawdowns. A quick glance at our various portfolio returns for 2008 shows how our strategies compete against the market’s volatile downturns, such as the S&P’s 37% loss. We accomplish this by using proprietary systems designed to identify absolute price trends and relative price performance to determine the strongest capital markets. Our money management systems control our risk from the point of entry through the course of a trade. Our market analysis systems quantify risk levels across various capital markets.

How You Benefit

At Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios, our investment programs are personalized for all investors based on their profit objectives relative to acceptable levels of risk. Our sophisticated trading platform allows us to manage multiple accounts in order to achieve the client’s overall desired level of risk and return. Successful portfolio managers need an edge. Our edge in the market is an understanding of exactly how our results are created. While many investment managers believe their results are created by superior stock picking, at Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios we understand that true long-term positive gains are the result of accurate portfolio diversification, not only among asset classes, but also by strategy.


At Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios, a “one size fits all” point of view does not exist. While many management firms “talk the talk” about diversification, we “walk the walk.” True diversification does not mean asset diversification only; it must also include strategy diversification. As a result, most of our client portfolios are structured on a personalized level that includes additional managers who we partner with to give our clients the broadest possible array of both asset and strategy diversification. Individual investment goals and risk tolerance are examined in depth prior to any recommendations or allocations.


All our portfolios are managed in separate models, providing many advantages to you. For example, clients can view and track holdings and performance in their accounts online by model on a daily basis.


While the combination of our firm’s name is new (2008), we come from two well-established families who have provided financial service expertise for multiple generations. Combined, we have had the privilege of working with clients for a combination of 35+ years. We strive for consistent, stable investment results based upon our disciplined philosophy. Contact Dauble+Worthington in Evansville, Indiana today. 812-401-8700.